China's Pollution

Hello! my name is Peter Stromeckyj

I would like to address the issue with China's pollution.
First, If china keeps throwing garbage and not dealing with it properly, they may die over there because of the possible diseases that may exist due to it
Next,If they are using too many factories they can pollute the air
Lastly, the Chinese dispose garbage in water killing fish and other aquatic animals, there is also moss growing on the water top.
When the air was polluted there was too much fog to see through Beijing. [1]
There is lead in China's water that when consumed it can affect people in various ways
According to Inter Press Service (IPS) "In 2011, China produced 1 tons of electronic waste. The annual amount is expected to increase by 1% which is tiny as the Chinese economy grows. In addition to domestic waste production, large amounts of electronic waste are imported from overseas."